ELETAEN: Ianos, Kefalonia and the Wind Parks

 Thu, 22 October 2020 – 11:42
Wind energy contributes to the fight against climate change which is responsible for extreme weather events. Wind energy is one of the cheapest solutions for electricity generation, which leads to a reduction in total costs, to the benefit of the consumer. 3% of gross income attributed to local communities, in accordance with the law. Wind turbines do not cause soil erosion and wind farms can not cause the slightest recent destruction. In addition, the technical works of the wind farms contribute to the more correct and smoother management of rainwater.

Recently, Cyclone Janos hit our country. Extreme weather events due to climate change are no longer unknown in Greece. Climate change is here, warning us and threatening us.

That is why, by 2050, the share of electricity generation from RES must increase by 81% and Europe must achieve a climate-neutral economy. Wind energy in particular dominates all estimates for the optimal energy mix because it is cheap, clean, with many benefits and minimal and predictable effects.

Recently, Cyclone Janos mercilessly hit many areas of our country. After such an extreme and unprecedented phenomenon, we were also saddened by the fact that the opinion that the wind turbines were responsible for the disasters in Agia Efimia, Kefalonia, was arbitrarily circulated. If this were the case, then there would be no disasters in other areas that do not have wind turbines such as Karditsa but especially on the island of Kefalonia such as Assos and Fiskardo.

The truth is that wind turbines do not cause – and could not cause – soil erosion. Besides, the wind farms are located on the ridges where the rainwater has a minimum speed as they are at their start towards the natural catchments. In addition, the surfaces of the road builders and the squares of the wind farms are infinitesimal in relation to the total areas of the river basins.

The truth is also that, like any technical project, the road construction of wind farms is constructed taking into account the water flows and watersheds and is accompanied by appropriate technical and other projects. In fact, wind farms often repair and improve existing roads from the many that have been roughly opened in the mountains, with unsuitable features and without provision for rainwater relief.

All of the above are conclusions about wind energy and are clear and scientific answers, in contrast to the vague and unsubstantiated public attitudes of people in order to disorient society from the real causes of disasters.

More specifically, any bona fide person can find simple truths about wind energy through the initiative of ELETAEN ask4wind. You can visit the website  www.ask4wind.gr  where 22 truths have been posted along with indicative bibliography and sources that document them. Especially for the relationship of wind energy with local communities see here:  https://ask4wind.gr/society-myth01/

source -energyin.gr

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