Emergency Declared Karpathos and Kasos Due to Recent Bad Weather

Great damage from bad weather / Photo: rodiaki

In a state of emergency, the regional governor of the South Aegean, Giorgos Hadjimarkos, Karpathos and Kasos, declared at the request of Giardis Minatsis and the Municipalities of Karpathos and Kasos, due to the major disasters caused by heavy rainfall, combined with the particularly unfavorable weather conditions the previous two days.

Strong weather events hit the two islands since midnight on Thursday March 28 and continued until Friday morning, March 29.

On the island of Karpathos, due to the torrential rains, the torrents in the place of Vronti overflowed and the traffic was interrupted, since there was a danger that cars could be pulled, while in the area of ​​Archontopigados the road was cut in the middle.

Extreme damage was also caused to the work of storms under development from the South Aegean Region, while in the Limenari area there was a gap in the road and the parapets were destroyed.

Large landslides occurred throughout the Spoa – Olympos road but also at Apella beach – one of the most famous of the most beautiful beaches of Karpathos where huge stones fell on the road and the road closed for 10 hours.

Four South South Aegean civil protection works are on the road network trying to restore traffic by removing the stones from casualties.

Similar problems and major damage occurred in Kasos, in the provincial network of the island and in the torrent of Dogs, which dropped deposited materials.

The regional governor, George Hatzimarkos, declared both islands in an emergency situation and with the Civil Protection funds the first interventions for the repair of the damage will be made.

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