Emergency Rescue on Ainos Last Night After Man Fell 200 Foot

An emergency rescue on the mountain Wednesday night! Mt Aenos over 5000 feet high commands beautiful views of Kefalonia. However last night a family taking pictures near the top suddenly realised a 27 yr old member of the family was missing.

He had fallen over 200 feet down the mountain side, rolling over and over and hitting rocks and trees on the way down. Luckily an impact with a Kefalonian fir tree on the steep slopes arrested his fall. His family made a phone call and George Potamianos was notified and realised specialised help would be needed. He is an expert in locating people on the Mountain he knows so well.

He quickly assembled a rescue team to find the man and asked me to go as a medic. The man was reportedly very cold and had injuries. He had fallen at about 5pm. The ambulance couldn’t find him and polish language was a barrier. After 4 of us arrived at the scene he was located on a very steep slope several hundred feet down on the windiest side. He was suffering mild hypothermia and several nasty injuries. With snow in places at the top it was cold.
Lines were laid to assist passage up and down the hill and after an extremely difficult attempt to move him up to the 4 x 4 it was decided to call for backup and the Fire Service were called with more persons to help lift him in a special portable stretcher. It was several hours before he was successfully carried to the top to a waiting ambulance, mainly due to the difficult and dangerous slope and the need for safety for everyone. I helped treat the serious but thankfully not life threatening injuries in the Ambulance. We arrived at Argostoli Hospital just before midnight . The staff there were ready and waiting for us. Excellent service.

I would like to thank everyone who worked together as a team for a job well done.

source -FB of Peter Lee


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