Emergency Weather Bulletin: Worsening weather with heavy rains, storms, hail

Latest weather forecast for Greece Next Week


Strong rains and storms will be the main features of the weather that will prevail from the early hours of Sunday 12 May.

According to an extraordinary weather report released by the NMS, the weather change will start from the northwest and will gradually expand to other regions of Greece.

The phenomena will be accompanied by hailstorms and strong winds.

Analytically from Sunday late at night and during the night to Monday the Ionian islands, Epirus and the western Sterea will be the areas where rain, hailstorms and strong winds will occur, locally.

From Monday morning, the phenomena will be extended to the west and soon to the rest of the Peloponnese, western and central Macedonia and until midday in Thessaly and the Sporades.

Flooding phenomena will affect eastern Sterea, including Attica, as well as Euboea, on Monday evenings.

On Tuesday, the Ionian Islands (mainly to the north), Epirus, Western and Central Macedonia, Thessaly and possibly Western Sterea will be affected at intervals.

From afternoon hours in the west, a temporary recession of phenomena is expected.

According to the predictions so far available, the volatile weather will be maintained during the next weekend Wednesday and Thursday (15 and 16/05), with intermittently intense phenomena in places to the west and north.

source- patranews.gr


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