EMY (Greek weather service) emergency bulletin: Where will the new wave of bad weather hit

The National Meteorological Service ( EMY ) issued an emergency bulletin of worsening weather , warning of a new wave of bad weather that will affect the country from Thursday. In fact, according to the information, the name of the new bad weather will be called  ΜΠΑΛΛΟΣ (BALLOS).

The new bad weather will have main characteristics:

  • Heavy local rains and thunderstorms
  • Stormy winds in the seas
  • Drop in temperature mainly on the mainland

In detail, according to the emergency bulletin of EMY:


A. The rains and storms that occur today Tuesday (12-10-2021) in many areas of the eastern country and are temporarily strong will gradually be limited to Thrace, the islands of the eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese and from the evening will weaken.

B. A new weather system called BALLOS will cause new bad weather in the country from Thursday (14-10-2021) and from the west – southwest, with main characteristics:

1. THE HEAVY RAINS AND THUNDERSTORMS, which will be accompanied in places by hail and temporarily during the phenomena from strong gusts of wind. The intense phenomena will initially affect the Ionian, Western Greece and Macedonia and from noon on Thursday gradually the rest of the country.

On Friday (15-10-2021) bad weather is initially forecast throughout the country but the intense phenomena from the afternoon hours in the northwest will weaken.

On Saturday (16-10-2021) heavy rains and thunderstorms will affect the eastern country, but gradually the effects will weaken.

2. STORMY SOUTH WINDS intensity 7 to 8 Beaufort in northern Greece from Thursday night (14-10-2021) north winds will prevail with the same intensity while on Friday (15-10-2021) the south winds in the Aegean will probably reach 9 Beaufort locally.

3. THE FEELINGOF DROP IN TEMPERATURE in northern Greece by 6 to 7 degrees Celsius.

Source – ethnos.gr

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