ENFIA: Significant Objective values ​​rise in 3,000 areas – Including Most of Kefalonia

The account is for owners who own real estate in the 3,000 areas that will be included for the first time in the objective property value system.

According to the daily Kathimerini, the Treasury is expected to have in its hands the zone prices to be applied in the accession areas by mid-February at the latest and will immediately begin the procedures to determine the resulting ENFIA tax for them. owners of real estate in the above areas.The “heavy” account of Enfia and the exceptions

According to the Kathimerini newspaper, significant increases in Enfia’s accounts will be seen by residents of Lixouri in Kefalonia that are of no objective value, as well as all other settlements on the larger Ionian island with the exception of Argostoli, the capital of Argostoli. Ithaca which is located in the whole of non-objective property valuation.

In Epirus, in the whole system of Arta, only the city of Arta is within an objective system. All other settlements remain outside zone rates. In Thessaloniki, areas in the Port, Nea Mesimvria, Kaftantzoglio, the International Exhibition, the International Exhibition, the Court Square and others are outside the objective system of property valuation.

In Attica, out of the system are Turkovounia, part of Psychiko, the Sismanoglio area on the Marousi-Melissia border, the Paradise of Maroussi, the Balana area in Gerakas, parts of Nea Makri and Pallini. The same is true for fillet areas in Mykonos, Paros and Corfu.

The land plots

Indeed, some land plots that are within the General Planning Plan of Pallini that have been approved in recent years with or without implementing act, are treated as within a city plan without infrastructure (open roads, water supply, PPC and communal infrastructure). In these cases, the DOUs determine valuation values ​​that exceed 400% of the adjacent urban units in the system.

Real estate appraisers

In the meantime, real estate appraisers in a matter of days are working to align their trading prices with their fair values. Based on current data, the districts of downtown Athens, such as Exarchia, Kypseli, Ampelokipoi, Ilissia, Pagrati and Evelpidon, are candidates for increases. Increases are also expected in several suburbs such as Marousi, Elliniko, Chalandri, Glyfada. In addition to the above areas, upward adjustments are also expected in many of the 4,132 areas of the country where the previous government decided last June to keep prices at the same level so as not to put a burden on ENFIA.

The deviations

According to the Kathimerini newspaper, large divergences are also recorded in the more expensive suburbs of Attica. In Paleo Psychiko, despite the decline, the gap remains at almost 30% in Ekali at 37% and in Filothei at 43.5%.

source – aftodiokisi.gr

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