Environmental impacts of hydrocarbon extraction In the Ionian area

Output from meeting held last night interesting to note opinion tourism has already impacted beach environments on the island

WWF and GREEN PEACE discuss with citizens the dangers of emviromment. In the crowded hall of the Korgialeneios library, last Saturday evening, the discussion of information for institutions and citizens of Kefalonia was held by representatives of WWF and GREEN PEACE on the environmental impacts of hydrocarbon extraction In the Ionian area.The two speakers, representatives of these top players, were particularly concerned about the situation that our planet is going through in terms of climate change, the environmental burden of all kinds of pollutants caused by industrial development and the dangers For the future of the Earth and the future of the people.They moved into the room experiences from other countries on how to opposed in mining and even mention the example of Spain where the movement there managed to stop them.The lawyer Stavros Antipas referred to the social consequences and the economic development of our island especially tourism, if platforms are installed in the Ionian and if an environmental accident occurs in the facilities or earthquake.After the end of the presentations there was a dialogue with the public, questions and answers, as well as citizens ‘ views on the need to protect the environment of our island which has already been damaged in recent years by tourism and especially the marine ( Cruise ships and boats).The surprise of the evening was the placement of Antidimarchoy tourism Vangelis Kekatoy who was excited by the results of Spain said he is willing to start initiatives to stop the mining in the Ionian!! To remind him of Stavros Antipas that in the drawers of the city hall there is a request with 80 signatures of citizens asking for months special meeting of the city Council with this issue and answer have not received..The city council was also attended by Dionysis Aravantinos from the major opposition, Vassilis Roychwtas of the minor and Gerasimos Dimitratos.However, the issue of mining in the Ionian Sea concerns the world and requires even more thorough information and action as long as we understand that it is not only the potential dangers of mining that threaten the environment of our island but also many Others for some of whom we are responsible and the inhabitants of the island. Because if you don’t protect your house, don’t expect the stranger to protect it.The positive thing about this is that because of the hydrocarbons, a dialogue has begun in our island for generations about the dangers that lurking for our environment, because as a citizen said in his intervention “the environment of our island and especially the Beaches have been contaminated for years. From 1991 I have to see Clean beach “, causing thoughts whether hyper tourism participates in the burden of the environment of our island. And that’s a problem we’re living in now!


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