EU considers a single model for quarantining countries

The European Commission is promoting a specific quarantine assessment model, in which arrivals from any country with more than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for 14 days and with a positive coronavirus test of more than 3% will lead to quarantine.

If this is the case, British travelers may encounter problems in their travels, as, at present, the coronavirus spread rate is at 51.1, and the positive tests at 6%.

Meanwhile, the aviation industry is calling for a unified policy in Europe regarding travel restrictions. As EasyJet’s CEO points out, European governments should focus on developing connected travel policies rather than protecting national carriers.

Mr Lundgren, speaking at an online event between industry executives and EU officials, blamed the drop in aviation on the overwhelming confusion over differentiated travel restrictions and quarantine measures.

A common approach is needed regarding tests and quarantine, he stressed.

Last week, the EU proposed a single signaling system that would provide greater clarity to travel in Europe.

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