EUR 17 million in municipalities to cover fire protection actions

Kefalonia and Ithaca to receive nearly €200,000

By decision of the Minister of the Interior, Alexis Charitsis , the allocation of an amount of 16.910.000,00 euro to the Municipalities of Chora was approved, exclusively for the coverage of forest fires , by charging the account of the Ministry of Interior “Central Independent Resources of the Municipalities” held in the Deposits and Loans Fund.

This amount can be used by municipalities to finance Preventive Cleaning Programs for the purpose of mitigating risks in areas of particular protection but also for the removal of residues of vegetation cleaning for the same reasons by owners in surrounding residential areas and land.

Preventive cleaning of vegetation may also be funded, especially in the zone of mixing forests – towns and settlements for reasons of fire protection of the agglomerations, as well as maintenance and improvement of the forest road network.

Finally, voluntary action is being enhanced while meeting the needs arising from the lack of equipment, operating costs and the cost of hiring vehicles to enhance the work of repression or emergency response.

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