Eurocontrol predicts another flight chaos season this summer

The European air traffic control organisation, Eurocontrol, Joe Sultana, is due this year for European air traffic problems for Europe this year because of increased flights.

Mr Sultana, speaking at the European Aviation Symposium at Munich Airport, predicted another chaotic summer in aviation, after serious problems last year, as the number of flights would increase further by 3.3% while fewer air traffic controllers would be in their seats in France and Germany trying to manage the increased volume of flights.

Moreover, as he said, the choice of aircraft to fly lower in order to make full use of airspace margins is exhausted.

In 2018 (March – October) the average landing delay was 49 minutes before the aircraft landed on the destination.

Worse performance at this level was Eurowings (734 flights per day on average) while Lufthansa’s parent (1,529 flights per day) had a 23% share of total delays.

Lowjet air carriers and Ryanair were also among the companies with the longest delays. At Ryanair, 31% of the 2,302 daily flights were delayed and at Easyjet 31,8% of 1,791 flights.

Mr Sultana predicted that flight growth in Europe would slow down in the coming decades. Recent surveys indicate that the number of flights per year will increase from 11 million in 2018 to 16.2 million in 2040, an annual increase of 1.9% over the projections for a 3% increase.

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