Euroferry Olympia: The first words of the Belarusian missing person who came out alive

The 21-year-old Belarusian who was among the 12 missing of the Euroferry Olympia, the ship that caught fire off Corfu , could not believe his luck in his misfortune .

“I live happily… Tell me I live” were the first words of the survivor found at the stern of the ship “Euroferry Olympia”, more than 50 hours after the fire.

Speaking to SKAI, the representative of the port speaking to SKAI and the show “Kalimera”, Nikos Alexiou, the survivor is finally a Belarusian and at the moment he is being given first aid and seems to be in good health.

The survivor reportedly told the rescue team that he heard the voices of others alive, but not in the last hours.

“We are optimistic that we can find others and that is why we are continuing the business,” said Mr. Alexiou. 

The ship has been towed to a safe place in the north of Corfu, near the port of Kassiopi, while even today water is dumped in peripheral parts of the ship and not inside, in order to achieve cooling and not to disturb its stability.

During the day it is not excluded that there will be a new operation by a special team on board to locate the remaining 11 missing if the thermal and toxic cargo falls.

The movement of the ship at this point was deemed necessary due to the change of weather conditions in the sea area but also to ensure that it will not be in danger of being dragged and stranded in the shallows or to collide on another ship.

Around the ship are five tugs, a boat of the Fire Brigade and two vessels of the Coast Guard. He also operates a helicopter.

It is noted that a team of the “Hellenic Maritime Accident Investigation Service (ELYDNA)” has already gone to Corfu, within the framework of its responsibilities under Community and national law, to conduct a technical investigation to identify the causes and conditions that led to the provocation maritime fire accident, in collaboration with the Italian Peer Authority DIGIFEMA. (DIGIFEMA: Direzione Generale Investigazioni Ferroviarie e Marittime).

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