Eurovision 2019: Winner is the Netherlands

Cyprus came 15, Greece a disappointing 21st and finally in last place The United Kingdom!

Dancan Lawrence was the undisputed favorite, according to the bets, from his first appearance, as the Eurovision fans were excited by his voice.

Who is the winner of Eurovision 2019?
Dancan de Moore Lawrence is 25 years old and used to write songs for others. However, he decided to change his career and try his fate in the song, He participated in the Dutch The Voice and reached as the semi-final stage. Indeed, his music coach was Ilse DeLange, who participated in the contest with the band Common Linnets in 2014.

The moving song that won Eurovision 2019
The Arcade of the Netherlands is a song that won with their first Eurovision fans, who were moved with his story .

“A broken heart is what’s left,
I still gather all of my pieces

I lost some of them when

I Loaded It, I Loaded Home “is the first lyrics of Arcade, which tells the story of a man who died at an early age.

What the Dutch spokesman wanted at Eurovision was his story of touching each other and being able to identify with it.

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