EUROVISION 2021: In which position will Stefania compete – Good luck, Greece!

The ticket for the final of this year’s EUROVISION competition was won by Stefania giving her best on the stage of the Ahoy Arena, performing “Last Dance”.

With dynamism, self-confidence, impressive stage presence, perfectly coordinated in the original choreography, Stefania Lymperakaki, together with her dancers, Nikos Koukaki, George Papadopoulos, Marko Giakoumoglou and Costa Pavlopoulos won the applause and the applause. The creation of Dimitris Kontopoulos, Arcade and Sharon Vaughn, with the directorial seal of Fokas Evangelinos gave the Greek participation the ticket for the Final of the 65th Eurovision, which you will watch live on ERT on Saturday, May 22, at 22:00 with Maria Kozakou and George Kapoutzidis to comment imaginatively once again.

The Twenty countries that qualified from the two Semi-finals, and the Big Five (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom), as well as the host country (Netherlands) will participate in the Final. Greece will appear in 10th place.

The order of appearance of the countries in the Final is as follows:

2. Albania

3. Israel

4. Belgium

5. Russia

6. Malta

7. Portugal

8. Serbia

9. Great Britain

10. Greece

11. Switzerland

12. Iceland

13. Spain

14. Moldova

15. Germany

16. Finland

17. Bulgaria

18. Lithuania

19. Ukraine

20. France

21. Azerbaijan

22. Norway

23. The Netherlands

24. Italy

25. Sweden

26. San Marino

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