Evangelos Evangelatos: “A reaction that shows a lot about the culture and the sensitivity of the people of this place …”

This was reaction from a Greek

Argostoli, a magical city, for many different reasons, but also for one more

Yesterday, hundreds of his citizens spontaneously rushed through various blogs and social media to say a word, make a comment or a post or a like and show their sympathy and grief for the death of someone not great or magnificent and prominent, but for the death of the beggar of the city. 

So although this is not news and a reaction that shows a lot about the culture and sensitivity of the people of this place. 

Evangelos Evangelatos

But we also have to say it also reflects many others who have chosen Kefalonia as there home, here is an example from the FB post of Peter Lee

RIP, Gerasimos, the son of Pagonas, “passed away” unexpectedly
The well-known figure of Argostoli, Gerasimos, the Kefalonian Roma, son of Pagonas, “left” suddenly. His hangout was Alpha Bank ATM. He sat every day all morning greeting the customers. Everyone knew him. Untouched man, smiling. Member of the Roma family of Kefalonia. Panagis was his father and Pagona his mother. They are both gone. Have a good trip Gerasime, the bank’s ATM will be different in your absence. (Photo by Dionysis Anastasiadis).

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