Even Everest is Overcrowded

On the highest peak in the world, 300 people in a queue for the summit

Even the Everest / Photo: Twitter / Ben Fogle

It is the highest peak in the world and its conquest is considered a feat but for a few. Yet even in Everest there is crowding, as evidenced by a photo that became viral.

Waiting patiently in a row, exhausted and a short distance from the target – the conquest of Everest peak, hundreds of climbers “stuck” in … traffic congestion at 8,848 meters.

The conquest of Mount Everest is a dream for many climbers
Everest, as shown in the viral photo, has been turned into a tourist resort, and on Wednesday it recorded one of the busiest days with about 200 to 300 climbers trying to take advantage of the good weather to get to the top.

The combination of clear weather and the will to conquer the summit, forced the climbers to wait with the hours at a distance. Indeed, this overcrowding is responsible for the death of at least two climbers who died in the queue at a height of more than 8,000 meters. This is the 55-year-old American Donald Lin Kass and Angeliki Kulkarni, also 55, who died when they descended after the peak.

According to Thadden Sherpa, the general manager of the office that organized the Kulkari mission, the 55-year-old died of “exhaustion”. “Anjali and her husband were forced to wait for the hours to get to the top of Everest as there was a long wait on the slopes,” he said. And the couple could have achieved their goal, but it was exhausted with this whole process.

The two deaths come just one day after officials said they expected increased traffic due to weather improvements. In fact, the drive to Mount Everest is so great lately that a cleaning campaign has just begun, as more than 10 tons of garbage left behind by mountaineers .

It should be noted that the slopes of over 8,000 meters are called “death zones” due to the damaging effect of low oxygen levels. And as long as you wait in the queue to reach the top, at this height, the greater the chances of illness, frost and exhaustion.
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