Event at Mythos against Hydrocarbon Extraction (oil)

Some images from the Ανοιχτή Συνέλευση Κεφαλονιάς-Ιθάκης ενάντια στην Εξόρυξη Υδρογονανθράκων (Open Convention of Kefalonia-Ithaca against Hydrocarbon Extraction) sponsored event at Mythos held on 13th May 19.

Talking with some Greek friends who have attended these events some common perceptions are as follows;

  • Strongly against Oil mining in Ionian Sea and the wider Greek seas
  • Government not supporting Greece in banning oil mining in their country unlike other Mediterranean countries
  • Promise to Greece of only 5% of any profit made from mining, the rest will go to mulitinational companies
  • Should there be an incident caused by natural event e.g. earthquake the oil company will not be liable for any losses
  • Will impact wildlife even without incidents
  • Will impact tourism even without incidents
  • Few Greeks will be employed for the operation of oil mining
  • So far over 5000 signatures have been collected to fight hydrocarbon mining and the battle will continue

Image source FB page of Spiros Sakalis


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