Evia: Tragedy Dead baby from the bad weather! Helicopter Releases – Traffic Stopped (video)

Dramatic calls for rescues in Evia. Helicopters operate in Lefkandi and Bourtzi. The catastrophe sweeps away everything in its path.

“Two dead have already been recorded, an 85-year-old man and an 86-year-old woman who stayed in different houses, were trapped and lost their lives,” said earlier the mayor of Dirfion Messapia, George Psathas.

However, information unfortunately confirms that there is a third dead, and he is an infant.



According to the first estimates, especially in Psachna and Politika, most of the houses have been flooded and the rescue efforts continue, through water and mud, while after 8 in the morning the intensity of the rain and the wave started to fall slowly. moved further south.

In Politika and Psachna but also in the wider area such as the villages of Steni, Pournos, Kampia etc. there has been huge damage to both houses and infrastructure as well as the road network. The only positive sign is that it has stopped raining.

Earthmoving machines are already working on the main road to Politika to restore traffic.

By helicopters

However, this is not the case in the south of Chalkida, where firefighters are unable to reach the houses because the roads are blocked and they asked for reinforcements from a helicopter to start freeing people from the roofs of the houses.

As it became known, a helicopter was deployed and will soon be there to help, especially in Bourtzi and Lefkandi, as the road network has been destroyed and the water does not allow the movement of any car. The only vehicles that have entered the area are earthmoving vehicles provided by the Region, while the rain continues, with the result that without a first assessment of the damage, it is not possible for the Fire trucks to approach.

Traffic stop

From the General Regional Police Directorate of Central Greece, it is announced that the traffic of vehicles, due to the severe weather phenomena that prevail in the area of ​​Evia, has been stopped.

at the following points:

• in E.O. Chalkida – Edipsos, from the 16th to the 45th km / h and

• in E.O. Chalkida – Lepuron, at the height of the bridge Vasilikos Chalkida.

In addition, the traffic of vehicles has been stopped, on many provincial roads, in the areas of Politika, Psachna, Kastella, Agios Nikolaos Vasilikos (Bourtzi), Fyllos tou Vasilikos and Mantoudiou.

Drivers of vehicles are kindly requested to be especially careful and to follow the instructions of the Police.

Source – newsit.gr with information from: ΑΠΕ, tvstar.gr

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