Excellent news for the Summer – Establishment of 2 new seasonal firefighting bases at Pastra and Vasilikades – More firefighters for Lixouri


Despite the magnitude of the health crisis and the difficulties it faces, efforts are underway to upgrade public services in our county.

Today, at noon, and in view of the start of the 2020 fire season, Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Chardalias signed a very important decision for the prefecture of Kefalonia and Ithaca.

The firepower of 2020 will find our county stronger than ever.

Specifically, for the first time two new seasonal steps with 10 staff each are recommended.

  • Seasonal brigade of Elliou-Pronnon area (headquarters: Pastra)
  • Seasonal brigade of Erissos area (headquarters: Vassilikades)
  • In addition, the Lixouri Brigdae is strengthened by 5 more people

This is a valuable numerical boost to the fire power of our county. For the first time there will be such a wide geographical coverage of our county and especially of areas with many incidents of forest fires.

The increasing importance of Civil Protection in both our islands and all over Greece makes it necessary to upgrade its role and I will continue to work in this direction in cooperation with the Ministry of Citizen Protection. The Fire Service has an active role to play in managing the current health crisis in our county and it is our duty to enhance it.

Warm thanks also to the leadership of the Fire Brigade for significantly strengthening our islands with particularly high civil protection needs (earthquakes, fires, landslides, floods)

In January, with the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Mr. Nikos Chardalia, we worked with the Standing  Committee on Public Administration ,  Public Order and Justice on the new draft law aimed at timely reform of Civil Protection in the country. I would like to thank the Secretary of State for this important decision, despite the enormous workload these days.

Panagis Kappatos
MP of Kefalonia and Ithaca

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