Experts opinions on recent earthquakes in Western Greece 

For the seismic vibration of the 5.2 Richter that occurred at dawn in Preveza and upset West Greece were placed seismologists Efthimios Lekkas and Akis Tselentis.

Speaking to SKAI, OASP chairman Professor Efthimios Lekkas said the phenomenon is being monitored. He added that he believes the seismic sequence will evolve smoothly. Asked whether it is related to the 3.9 earthquake that rattled on Monday night in Zakynthos, the president of the OASP responded negatively, while it is not sure whether the 5.2 Richter marks on Tuesday morning is the major earthquake. “We can not know that. It is too early to say that. We are monitoring the phenomenon and we will have a better picture in the next few hours if it is the main earthquake. However, the region of western Greece gives earthquakes of similar intensity “.

For his part, Professor and Director of Seismology Institute of Geodynamics at the National Observatory of Akis Tselentis, speaking to SKAI TV, noted that the earthquake not excluded in Preveza be a consequence of the earthquake in Zakynthos. He added that he needed a great deal of attention for the next two months in the region and stressed that western Greece always gives earthquakes so he called on the residents to be careful and informed by the authorities.

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