Explosion at a substation of PPC in Crete - Blackout all over the island (video)


Almost the whole of Crete is without power, due to the fire that broke out at a PPC unit at the Limeroperamata of Heraklion.

The fire, which has mobilized the fire department, the EMMA, the EKAB and the volunteers, has been reportedly triggered by two explosions in PPC transformers at the Lanoperamata Avenue, causing a general blackout.

ERT1 reported that the largest part of the island is without power for about an hour. Dense fumes have covered the sky while a bit of fire has exploded a lot of people before. Panic has been caused in the center of the city, at Zografou Street.

In a statement, Malevizion Mayor Kostas Mamoulakis said: “We are fortunate, fortunately we did not have an accident. The thing went well. But until then we will be lucky. The site must leave the dangerous facilities here and go to where the law provides. “