Extraordinary bulletin of deterioration by EMY – After the heat, rains, hail and Lightning forecast


The weather is forecast to change on Thursday from the west and north, with heavy rains and thunderstorms in places, accompanied by hail, temporarily strong winds, and a drop in temperature.

Thus, after the first heat wave for this year, from Thursday (21/05) rains and gradual storms will occur in the western, central and northern country, which from noon in Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, the Sporades, the Sterea and Evia will be intensified and will be strong in places.

Weakening of the phenomena is expected in Epirus and western Sterea from early in the evening, while in the rest of the areas, from the morning hours of Friday (22/05).

The change of weather is rapid
The meteorologist Costas Lagouvardos, director of research at the National Observatory of Athens, stressed that “on Thursday the weather will change significantly and the temperature will drop perhaps more than 15 degrees Celsius. We expect rain and thunderstorms and maybe hail. ”

Local weather for Kefalonia meteo forecast for Thursday includes rain and thunder storms which should be a nice refreshment after recent oppressive weather (not seen Zakynthos properly for days due to dust and mist!).

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