Extraordinary environmental tax up to 3,000 euros on imported used cars with Euro 4 (2006 specification )

An environmental tax of up to 3,000 euros for imported polluted cars is provided in an amendment to a bill of the Ministry of Finance that was submitted on Monday 7/2 in Parliament.

The amendment stipulates that in addition to the registration fee, an extraordinary environmental tax of EUR 3,000 is imposed on imported used cars subject to the Euro 4 emission standards under construction. 

For imported vehicles subject to the built-in European emission standards Euro 5a and Euro 5b. a fee of 1,000 euros is imposed.

On the other hand, there is no obligation to pay an environmental tax for cars subject to the European Euro 5b emission standards under construction, for which a Vehicle Arrival Declaration or import declaration has been submitted. 

Finally, it is prohibited to classify vehicles that comply with the construction standards of European emission standards Euro 3, 2 and 1 or if they do not comply with European standard emissions standards of conventional technology and for which carbon dioxide emissions are not proven. 

Excluded from this are passenger cars over 30 years of age, which are intended to be marketed exclusively as vehicles of historical interest. 

Also excluded from the payment of the Environmental Fee are those cars or trucks Euro 5b that have a vehicle arrival declaration or import declarations which have been paid until the date of publication of the relevant amendment.

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