The aid amounts to € 5,000 per property and € 1,000 per ancillary use space and is not taxed or seized.

Another amendment, tabled in the same bill, introduces a new aid scheme with tax exemptions, subsidies and subsidies for micro and small enterprises to carry out investment projects.

Under the new regulation, irrespective of their time of incorporation, they will be able to submit investment projects in many areas of economic activity and across the country, and will be supported in the form of tax exemptions and capital incentives such as grants, leasing subsidies and wage bill subsidies.

Also with new regulation is extended for a further 2 months the initial three-month deadline for termination of the employment contracts of all employees in “Hellenic Sugar Industry SA” wish to join the special unemployment subsidy program of OAED.

At the same time, it is clarified that the employer’s and employee’s contributions to the program beneficiaries will be calculated on the basis of their earnings in the last month of their full-time employment in the company and will be paid to the OAED.

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