Extraordinary measures for the coronavirus checks at border and beyond: What the government has decided

The government has taken steps to prevent the coronavirus from spreading through the country’s entrance gates. Among other things, it was decided that from the morning (06:00) of Tuesday, July 14, those tourists who enter the country from Promachonas (land border with Bulgaria) are obliged to bring and show to the Greek Authorities a negative molecular test (pcr).
  1. It was decided that those who enter from Promachonas for non-essential reasons from 6.00 on Tuesday morning, are obliged to show a negative result of molecular control that will have been carried out up to 72 hours before.
  2. The PLF obligation remains in force. The minimum completion time is limited to 24 to 48 hours before arrival in Greece.
  3. The number of inspections for compliance with health protocols is being strengthened. More than 300 inspections across the country by Sunday.

During the teleconference that took place on Friday afternoon under the Prime Minister at the Maximos Palace, it became known that in Promachonas, only in today’s tests conducted on tourists from Bulgaria and Romania, more than 25 positive cases of corona were found , which indicates that the real time data analysis for the border station was more than necessary. 

source – ethnos.gr

One thought on “Extraordinary measures for the coronavirus checks at border and beyond: What the government has decided

  • July 10, 2020 at 5:11 pm

    The published additional 3 measures to be taken at Promachona, sorry to say, will not produced solid redults to avoid the virus spreading in the country. The recent past (March/April) and the scientific protocols show that, only,by limiting the mobility of people between regions, cities, states can basically control virus spreading!
    As a result, the tourist flow to the country should be stopped. The mobility of business people, professionals , goods and trade activities should continue to be opened….it is simple, the mentality of a tourist by nature is not the same with that of a business person, simply, a tourist will not apply most of the health protocol requirements as most of them are mainly limiting the ability of a tourist to have ” good time”…during a short vacation time that amounts to nearly 10 days…


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