Extraordinary weather report: bad storms, hailstorms and strong winds

A change in weather is expected from the early hours of Thursday and from the west.

The main features of the weather will be heavy rains and storms that will be accompanied locally by hailstorms and locally very windy northeast winds in the sea.

More detail:

1) Strong rainfall and thunderstorms accompanied by hailstorms will affect:

A. On Thursday (28-03-2019)

Early in the morning, the islands of the southern Ionian and the western Peloponnese and until midday the rest of the Peloponnese. Gradually from midday hours the Cyclades (especially the southern) and Crete and the Dodecanese from evening.

B. On Friday (29-03-2019)

The Cyclades (especially the southern) in the early hours, Crete and the Dodecanese, which will gradually weaken in the afternoon.

2) The very windy northeast winds, which will reach 8 and gradually on Thursday (28-03-2019), initially in the Ionian Sea and until the evening in the Aegean Sea, 9 beaufort.

Gradual weakening is expected in the Ionian Sea from Friday afternoon, while the windy winds are expected to be maintained in the Aegean until Saturday afternoon (30-03-2019).

According to meteorological meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens (NEA), which presents in video the course of the weather, the winter scene will hold until the end of the month.

Source-  iefimerida.gr 

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