Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp back on the air – First reasons for unprecedented blackout and the FoMO it created

Shortly after 1:00 pm Facebook , Instagram and Whatsapp were up and running again, after more than six hours of downtime.

This “blackout” on Facebook was unprecedented for the giant group of Mark Zuckerberg, who is already facing outcry after revelations about his practices.

According to Downdetector, which systematically monitors technical problems on social networking platforms and described yesterday’s blackout as “the biggest ever observed”, their smooth operation was almost restored around 01:00 (Greek time).

The restoration was done by manually resetting the company’s servers. The whole volume of posts on social media, however, fell on twitter, which with 3 words “leveled” what was happening on Facebook.

It took just three words as the official Twitter account posted the following: hello literally everyone !

That’s the problem

According to international media, the problem was caused by changes to Facebook’s Border Gateway Protocol.

“BGP allows the exchange of routing information over the Internet and takes users to the sites they want to access, helping them identify what is known as the Domain Naming System.”

“From a reliable source: A person trying to restore operation said that the interruption came from a normal ‘BGP’ update that went wrong. However, the update prevented remote users from reverting changes, and those with physical access had no network / access. “So, they were both blocked by the reversal,” wrote journalist Brian Krebs.

What exactly is FoMO?

Fear of marginalization (FoMO-Fear of missing out) is a psychological condition that leads more and more people in the world to engage passionately with social media. And this is largely attributed to Facebook experts .

The global blackout of the largest technology giant in the world, which has in addition to facebook, Instagram, but also the communication services What’s App and Messenger brought to the fore this syndrome that gave birth to the digital age and social media.

Especially when millions of users, addicted to browsing social media, feel almost from 6:00 pm disconnected from the source that, in their minds, connects them to the important out there.

It is no coincidence that internet searches, but also posts on Twitter , the medium that remains in operation, relate to this fact of Facebook blackout.

FoMO (Fear Of Missing Out)  represents the trend that has given birth to social media, and especially Facebook.

The term in short describes a pervasive habit that others can live a satisfying experience from which the individual is absent. It is a kind of social anxiety characterized by the desire of the individual to be constantly in touch with the activities of others.

Facebook social media has introduced tools that motivate users to use their accounts wisely and urge them to avoid exaggeration.


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