Fake News Disrupt Society – The mining platform and the truth

Some interesting Official FACTS and links in this article reproduced from a Zakynthos paper

The fake news disrupt society and especially when this society is insular problems may be a criminal … 
The moment that humanity is trying to manage a scientific level the fake news especially circulating on social networks (social), the people are incredibly gullible in that “ridiculous folly” released … do not check what happens mainly reproduce without being puzzled by released … dld who and why did the beginning … 
the second part has to do with “ekkolaptome s reporters, “because that was caught once … or pick up a mic, one pen or a camera, say” opinion leaders “without any background validity, dipped and main responsibility.
Anyone who wants to write publicly needs to know that he has responsibilities and functions … 
It’s like someone who wants to do the doctor or the dentist and teeth out of people … Can it? Will you go to trust him?

So today, in the depths of the ocean’s horizon of the vast Ionian Sea, a hydrocarbon pumping platform was thrust into a trailer! 
It is not the first time that this phenomenon has taken place in the Ionian Sea, and even in the recent past, I had a stop at the commercial harbor next to Astakos in Aitoloakarnania … for the Saronic Gulf to be decommissioned …

As soon as the tug arrived at Cephalonia … the neighbors discovered Atlantis, that the platform came out of the Ionian Sea and especially between Cephalonia and Zakynthos! 
The issue has been raised by social leaders and has been blasphemed on baptized information sites that have no recognition from the state … But there are also lives and reigns, and they make money!

It is clearly “fake news” or “moufa” or “coal the treasure” …

When the correct information of the citizen goes through hard work, and when detailed briefings of thousands of words and hours have been made … what do not everyone who wants to understand and make people to “talk”?

What is valid from official lips:
1. The mining affair is National, it concerns the country we live in, and decisions are taken unanimously by the major parties and governments of the last 10 years. 
2. Local and regional societies had an infinite amount of time to protest when they were supposed to and did not do so, with the “cushion on the couch” 
(our newspaper wrote it too early … when they baptized the Ionian Patraic Gulf when deciding the Regional Council of Western Greece for the Zakynthians and Cephalonia etc etc – it’s all written see by clicking HERE and HERE what we wrote in 2016) 
3. No TRUE movement of TESTING mining will not exist until the end of 2019 and we see …
4. The trial mining process … when done … will be done with a special ship and NOT with a platform. 
5. The Hellenic Republic, which has undertaken the project today, have also stated responsibly in our newspaper that they have no presence in the Ionian period and have nothing to do with the platform that travels … 
6. Perhaps even at this time, the platform to have left the domestic waters of Kefallonia and Zakynthos … already passed through the island of Zakynthos, see where it was in relation to our harbor and that goes to the light by the ship of the line

The worst is the analgesia and irresponsibility that we have as a race … and the way we are crowned that we have discovered the “fire” provided that we are addressing a world that unfortunately is trustworthy …

No gentlemen, social and the Monkeys are not and will never be a means of informing … So beware of why they are doing harm to our mental health !!!

reproduced from imerazante.gr

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