Farakalata Chrismas lights go on despite the storm!

Farakalata: Despite the storm and the tree was lit and the dance became!


The Faraklades Cultural Association, “The Faracades”, held a Christmas party yesterday afternoon for the Christmas tree. 

Due to the weather the celebration took place in the closed room of the church. Dimitriou.


The SAMI Philharmonic of KEDIKE, “Them Amurgis”, under the direction of the archbishop Gerassimos Georgopoulos, played Christmas songs,

while the children of the Cultural Association danced and sang. 

After the tree was lit in the square, the event continued for many hours in the closed room where there was a treat and a big bazaar with Christmas presents organized by the Association.

For another year, small and big Faracades celebrated together with Christmas in exchange of greetings.

Happy Birthday in Faraklada. Health and prosperity!

Reportage: Spyros Sakalis


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