In the context of the continuous informing of the citizens about the results of the police response, the services of the General Regional Police Directorate of the Ionian Islands, for the period of February 2019, data on all arrests and scouts in Corfu, Zakynthos , Kefalonia and Lefkada, as well as the most important cases concerning the police services. 
In detail: 
1. A total of 241 people were arrested, 22 of which were in Kefalonia, 138 in Corfu, 42 in Zakynthos and 39 in Lefkada. 
From these arrests there are (20) theft-burglaries, (10) still for drug trafficking and possession, and (43) the capture of illegitimate aliens.
2. A total of 71 cases were identified 
(26) cases of theft and burglary 
(10) cases of trafficking and possession of drugs and 
(35) other offenses

3. In investigating the cases of police services, several items were confiscated: 
Raw Cannabis: 12 Kg 
Heroin: 250 grams 
Drug Pills: 46 
Knives: 5