Feedback from Assos Mayor on the voluntary support you have been giving

Another SUV filled with bottled water was delivered to Assos today from Ifigeneia and Efi.
Assos’s residents are well and they have food, water and the rest of the necessities delivered regularly.
The only issue is the road work.
So far much work has been done but the major work has been done by Michalis Manolatos (with his bulldozers/excavators).
This man has no idea if and from whom he will get paid.
And if he never gets paid at the end, he has done all this with his heart and soul..
Mr. Christos Kokkolis, Assos’s mayor and Platanos taverna owner, would like to pass a few words through us:
“Thanks to all the Greeks that donated, helped and provided anything they could, to the volunteers and to all those who sent food.
Many thanks to all the Greeks, Americans, Australians, British, Polish, Germans and all the people from all over the world, as well as the animal welfare organizations that took the opportunity to supply us with cat food for those kittens that survived the bad weather”.
The mayor and the village he represents are obligated for life and are always available for you, even though he counts his wounds.
At this point now you will be reading a poem from Assos’s Mayor Mr. Christos Kokkolis and it is dedicated to all Kefalonians and to everyone who feels Kefalonian, from deep within his heart, written for Assos.
(Original in Greek and translated in English for all of you. It rhymes in Greek only.)
Δεν θα σε πω τριαντάφυλλο γιατί θα μου μαδήσεις,
Μήτε και χελιδόνι μου, γιατί θε να μ’αφήσεις,
Δεν θα σε πω βασιλικό, οπου μυρίζει τόσο,
Γιατί πάνω στο μύρισμα μπορεί να σε πληγώσω.
Θε να σε πω παρηγοριά, αγάπη και ελπίδα,
Γιατί μέσα στα μάτια σου αυτά τα τρία είδα,
Σαν κόκκινο τριαντάφυλλο άνθισες στην ματιά μου,
Τα αγκάθια σου πληγώσανε την δόλια την καρδιά μου,
Με τα καυτά μου δάκρυα την ρίζα σου ποτίζω,
Και η ψυχή μου έγινε που δεν την εγνωριζω.
I am not going to call you a rose, cause you might pluck,
Nor will I call you my swallow, cause you might want to leave me.
I am not going to call you basil, that smells so much,
Cause while smelling you, I might cause you pain.
You want me to call you consolation, love and hope?
Cause through your eyes these three I saw.
Like a red rose you blossomed in my sight,
Your thorns hurt my poor own heart.
With my burning tears now I am watering your roots,
And my soul is nothing like before.
He was inspired to say this poem to us, while we met him today.
Also Mr. Christos would like to say the below.
“A real man is defined by three words:
1. Archontas (Άρχοντας)
2. Leventis (Λεβέντης)
3. Palikari (Παλικάρι)
“But all these, be in your soul.
I suggest you will all be like this”.
(These words cannot be translated in English, for example like greek filotimo).
These words represent someone that has a very strong and genuine heart full of courage, who is fearless, not superficial and has dignity.
It is hard to describe this, but it is a mix of this description.
Thanks so much, always, to everyone that don’t stop donating.
source – FB post of Kefalonian Wild Nature

One thought on “Feedback from Assos Mayor on the voluntary support you have been giving

  • September 25, 2020 at 10:58 pm

    Well done guys.

    We had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful village in late July. We intend to stay next year for a week, in between traveling.

    Sorry to hear of the devastation in all parts of Kefalonia.

    Well done Mr Christos and all you volunteers. I will donate now.

    Best wishes

    Richard and Lisa (Wales)


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