Feedback from company installing wind farm – projects do not contribute to the increase of floods in the wider area

Athens 15.10.2020

We want to take a position on what has been written so far in the local media and to inform the residents and local actors about the projects in Thesi Xerakias Park in Argostoli. These wind turbines concern the wind farm under construction of the company PPC RENEWABLES SA. , in which we participate as a construction company and is part of the effort made by PPC to replace lignite power plants with Renewable Energy Units with the ultimate goal of preventing climate change.

The specific park has received all the required permits and the works are carried out in order not to burden the environment. Since the project is carried out on behalf of a state body of PPC, all the specifications provided by law have been observed both in the elaboration of the studies and in the construction projects. Part of the environmental study is the  special  hydraulic and hydrological study  (something that is not common in the design of wind farms), which was prepared with the contribution of scientists from the National Technical University of Athens. The conclusions of the study clearly state that wind farm projects do not contribute to the increase of floods in the wider area and that the specific park in the way it was designed and implemented has no effect on its hydrological balance .

We consider these remarks necessary, in order to put an end to insignificant and unsupported views, which have an effect on the amplification of the flood phenomena from the specific wind farm. For our part, as the construction company of the project in Xerakias, we met with the Mayor of Sami and his staff and invited them to review the studies and licenses we have received, to make proposals for any additional projects they deem necessary and to supervise the their implementation. We have stated our willingness to carry out whatever is documented proposed and concerns flood protection projects within the Wind Farm.

We share the anxiety of the residents and the fight they are fighting to protect their property and for this reason we have already planned as a compensatory offer to build a large cost flood project, not because we believe that the existing project affects the area, but because we believe that it is the responsibility of every investor to contribute to addressing the problems of the area being established. The inhabitants of the wider area will find us supporters in the efforts to become projects for the management and settlement of the torrents of the area which is the main solution to the problem they face.

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