Feedback from Lixouri Mayor following recent land slide at Xi Beach

Following the significant cliff collapse at Xi beach recently the Lixouri Mayor has been doing some interviews with Cosmos 96.5 where it was recorded he stated

At first Mr Katsivelis appeared relieved that there was no injury, but at the same time he was worried as the bathers did not usually count the signs placed on places not allowed. “By the time we reached the spot to see the landslide, right next to it was a couple who had left their stuff and had a swim. Next to the rocks and the landslide. “

Regarding the precautions to be taken, the Mayor emphasised that at every beginning of the season, they receive from the port certain instructions for mounting lattices, plates, etc. “People are not disciplined. We put signs up and take them out, throw them away or take them away, “he said.

Following the incident at Zakynthos last year (Smugglers Cove cliff fall) and this much smaller event everyone should be aware that there are sometimes very real risks from cliff collapse on the island and if warning signs are in place they must be obeyed after all they are there for the beach users benefit and potentially health!

Source – FB post of Δύναμη αξιοπιστίας και προόδου/

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