Feedback from Maria Kontarini (Kefalonia Volunteers) on progress at Agia Efimia

Visited Agia Efimia yesterday and it was amazing to see the progress and how much we have all achieved together !!!
I talked yesterday to some of the inhabitants and they were very touched by the help they received to clean up their houses.
Even if we cannot do a lot all the time, our presence gives them hope and sends the signal that we have not forgotten about them.
There are still 5 houses which have asked for some more help.
Every small contribution makes a huge difference, even 1 hour of your time can be precious !!!
Pm me if you would like to help these 5 households in AE !!!
We provide all the equipment needed !!!
Thank you all for the amazing job you have been doing

Gepostet von Maria Kontarini am Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2020

source and contact information – FB post of Maria Kontarini – Kefalonia Volunteers

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