With a magnificent gathering, yesterday afternoon in Sami, residents from all over Kefalonia, they shouted a thundererous “no”to the mines in the Ionian Sea! 
At a gathering organized by the Citizens Movement of the Sami District, Sami’s “Aegialos”, the Sami Navy Club, the AS. Ionian, the PS. Zervaton “Agios Ioannis”, EES Greater Ilias Zervos and A.O. (Members of WWF HELLAS), Anna Maria Renner (member of Grenpeace) and Stavros Antypas (lawyer, member of the Kefalonia-Ithakis Open Convention Against the Extraction of Hydrocarbons), were present and talked about by Dimitris Ibrahim and Olivier Vardakoulias.
The first two speakers referred to the worldwide experience of mining, the frequent environmental accidents occurring in them, the particular danger posed by exploration and extraction in the Ionian region with the intense and frequent seismic activity at the very great depths these tests and mines will be made, yet another risk factor. They presented with data the danger to tourism and fishing from the extraction and frequent passage of tankers and support vessels from the Ionian Sea as well as the costs of the damage in these two sectors to the professionals and the Greek state . They also referred to the colony agreement signed by the Greek government with the oil companies,
Ms. Renner referred to Grenpeace’s actions at a global level against mining, unexploited sources of mild energy in our country that could be used to phase out the use of minerals, which is imperative for climate change we are already experiencing.
Stavros Antypas, starting with a video of the “Kefalonia-Ithakis Open Water Assembly Against the Extraction of Hydrocarbons” in Myrtos, “Myrto says No to the mines”, continued his speech, noting in particular the need to create a movement against mining , referred to the three Municipalities of Epirus. they said “Not in the mines”, thus canceling any presence of companies in their area. He stressed in particular that “we can stop them”, he also mentioned the huge damage expected in the tourism sector from the mining activities. He blamed the “alarm bell”, for a possible exit of the Ionian from the tourist map and its integration into the energy, with the tragic consequences that this will have, especially for the next generations !!!
After the speakers’ placements, they followed questions and publications. Particularly upbeat and concerned about the overwhelming majority of the people who spoke, they opposed mining, which was also expressed by their signatures, even when the speakers analyzed “what hydrocarbon exploration and extraction means and the dangers surrounding them”
From the Eleutherians, they were attended and represented by the Deputy Mayor of Pylaris Michalis Gakis, “crime mining, stop now”, the candidate Mayor of Paliki with the People’s Club and KKE spokesman Dimitris Mantzouratos, “the selective or sensitivity of some organizations on environmental issues, problems from the uncomfortable placement of wind turbines, no benefit to the people and state property, mineral wealth extracting only by popular power. ” 
The Mayor of Sami, Makis of Monia, “the companies are distributing beads to the natives in order to create a conscience of accepting the crime that is going on in our region to stop any such activities in the Ionian Sea now.”
The Antiperifereiarchis Panagis Drakoulogkonas referred to the resolution of the Regional Council of 2017, in mining, which caused the reaction so Dimitri Mantzouratou both and citizens, saying that in fact the Region has canceled the resolution firstly with the recent statement that “the companies accepted our suggestions and reservations for the investigation and extraction of hydrocarbons in the Ionian Sea, so we agree with these activities”, and the second with his participation in the fiestas of HEP Virus to “distribute beads to indigenous peoples”, thus trying to accept their activities in the Ionian Sea.

Sami Candidate was also attended by LaSY. Nikos Athanasatos. 
In conclusion, this gathering, together with the ones in Argostoli and Ithaca, puts the “foundation stone”, a movement against the crime that is being attempted in our region, with the victims of the generations that follow and their only goal, the profits of oil companies !! 
We believe that this Movement that you are developing in Kefalonia and Ithaca must meet with the respective movements of Lefkada in Epirus and Corfu and block the appetites of the oil companies and the chameleonists who from “the Left and the Ecology” , the best dealers of oil were developed !! 
Tasos Kavalieratos.


Reproduced by samikefalonias.wordpress.com