Feedback from the meeting called to form a response to the proposal to manage waste from Corfu and the potential to use Kefalonia to dispose of other Ionian islands waste

The Municipal Council of Argostoli met in an Extraordinary Meeting yesterday, April 26, 2020, through a teleconference – due to the protection measures against corona covid-19 – on the provisions of the Draft Law of the Ministry of Environment & Energy “ Modernization / 844 & 2019/692 of the European Parliament and of the Council and other provisions ” and in particular those provided for in Article 93 of the draft law.

According to the provisions of article 93 of the draft law, a new Unified Waste Management Agency is created in the Ionian Islands with the participation (and presidency!) Of the region and all the municipalities of the region in the form of a SA company. and the main purpose is the unified and joint way of waste management throughout the Ionian Islands.

The establishment of the new body contributes to the abolition of the former Inter-Municipal Enterprise for the Collection and Management of Waste of Kefalonia (& Ithaca),   which currently operates under the name E.D.A.K.I. SA and its integration into the new body!

The Municipal Council of Argostoli, after being informed by the mayor Theofilos Michalatos and the positions of all the municipal factions,


The choice of the Ministry and the Government to abolish a standard structure for Greece for 4 decades structure in solid waste management which was and is one of the biggest projects and achievements of our place, the Inter-Municipal Cleaning Enterprise / EDAKI SA is an act:

On the contrary , with the very purpose of the draft law as expressed in the explanatory memorandum since a) no fine and never imposed by the EU in Kefalonia and EDAKI b) the pursuit of the draft law for “effective” has existed in Kefalonia for 4 decades. tackling solid waste management problems ” and c) there is no “ lack of necessary infrastructure ”as required by the provisions of Article 93 of the draft law but the opposite is true with the integrated privately owned waste management facilities with the operation of a composting unit (one of the first in Greece), landfill and recycling station for recycling Patras, as well as the project included in EPERAA that will be auctioned very soon, a project to upgrade the composting unit, expansion of the foundry and construction of a bio-waste treatment plant worth € 8,000,000.

Catastrophic, because our two islands are a shining exception to waste management, having solved an important issue since 1984 that could plague almost the entire country but NOT Kefalonia and Ithaca. Kefalonia and Ithaca with the successful operation of DIADIMOTIKI / E.D.A.K-I have created a fortune and a capital that will be unfair to lose and in addition to become a participant in the problematic infrastructure of other areas.

Derogatory,  for the Local Government of our place. Diadimotiki (today’s EDAKI SA) was founded during the mayoralty of Alekos Kalafatis in 1984 with the then municipality of Argostoli as a pioneer and with the participation of the former communities and the former municipality of Lixouri. It was (and is) a model of operation and above all RESULT with an incalculable value and importance infrastructure which with the proposed regulation is unknown its fate. Kefalonia has been described as the cleanest island. The body was not only supported by ALL subsequent municipal, community authorities but we as Kefalonians NEVER put the Interdisciplinary in the field of Political Confrontation: It was supported and developed by ALL those who served the Local Government for 36 years in any form ! We are proud of today’s choices,

It is an act incomprehensible to the local community and the people of Kefalonia and Ithaca that since 1984 has supported as much as any other region in Greece the rational management of waste. The project of standard solid waste management in Kefalonia would not have succeeded if it did not have the universal, timeless support of society, business workers all these years, professionals, institutions and the state.

We call on the Minister of Environment,

The Government and the country’s Prime Minister to withdraw the provision.

 Kefalonia and Ithaca will not tolerate this choice:

The Mayors of our islands, with the participation of the Deputy Regional Governor of the prefecture, request a meeting with the Prime Minister, the competent Minister, the leaders of the Opposition parties in order to inform them and request the lifting of the prescribed regulation.

Also to announce the issue in a pan-Hellenic scope and the universal reaction of Kefalonia and Ithaca for article 93 of the Draft Law of the Ministry of Environment & Energy that provides for the abolition of the local FODSA / EDAKI

We call on the Member of Parliament of our Prefecture to support our request and to support the exclusion of our prefecture from this provision.

If the above steps do not yield the Municipality of Argostoli in collaboration with others of our islands municipalities and Cooperation in new special meeting would examine measures and response modes with the participation of representatives of the island entities sending the message in every direction that not The proposed damage to the environment and the cohesion of the local community legislation will not be accepted at all   .

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