Feedback from the Prime Ministers video call into the headquarters of civil protection


The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, in charge of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos, gave a “tour” of the advanced applications used by the Civil Protection to deal with and control the pandemic of the Covid-19 corona in our country to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. .

From the Business Center of GGPP, Mr. Hardalias explained in detail the operation of the technological means at his disposal the mechanism of Civil Protection for the recording of cases, their connection with the availability of the Health System , but also the supervision of our fellow citizens who are in quarantine, ensuring in any case the protection of personal data.

The first application presented by the head of Civil Protection to the Prime Minister depicts with geographical accuracy all the confirmed cases, per Municipality and per Region. It highlights the proportion of patients with the capacity of local hospitals in ICU beds and other possibilities, so that any alarming trend can be identified immediately, while at the same time informing the Civil Protection how many patients recover at home and how many are treated.

In the second application, all persons who have been placed in compulsory quarantine or restriction have been registered, in combination with the residential addresses they have declared. The system allows compliance checks, both by sampling and by telephone, to identify offenders and impose fines under the law.

As the Undersecretary explained, the applications contain classified information and access is allowed only to competent executives, in order to ensure the protection of personal data of citizens.

Mr. Hardalias, who also presented the officers of the G.G.P.P. who are working day and night during this period as well as the executives of the Armed Forces and the Security Forces participating in the force, stressed that in addition to their contribution to the treatment of coronation, the applications are a legacy for the future, allowing our country to build logistical infrastructure. which requires a modern and effective Civil Protection mechanism.

This digital “legacy”, which has great potential for development, will soon be transferred to the building where all the key services of the Civil Protection will be housed, in the area of ​​Kifissias Avenue.

The Prime Minister thanked all the executives of G.G.P.P. and the invisible heroes who work every day to defend public health and safety, which is a prerequisite for freedom and prosperity.

He noted that the government’s statements were aimed at making Civil Protection a model of effectiveness in the face of any kind of crisis, as the country has the potential to do so. “The coroner forced us to enter the accelerator and Greece responded,” he said.

 In his introductory statement, the Prime Minister stated:

“Dear Deputy Undersecretary, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is with great pleasure that we meet, albeit remotely, and in this way I am given the opportunity to thank you, each and every one of you, and all the Civil Protection staff for the truly outstanding work you have done in extremely difficult circumstances. in the last month.

We were called upon to manage an unprecedented health crisis. We handled it, you handled it with absolute competence, with a great level of seriousness. And I have to tell you that especially in matters related to the tracking process – the so-called contact tracing – the detection of suspicious incidents, you managed to do an excellent job in adverse conditions.

I will be very happy to see and present to me today the tools you have at your disposal, the systems, so that you can identify the suspicious cases, how you connect to the databases of the Ministry of Health, but also the system you have. at your disposal so that you can supervise those who have been quarantined.

I have to tell you that this infrastructure that we are building, infrastructure in means, logistical equipment but mainly infrastructure in know-how, is an infrastructure that will accompany us for the coming years. Because sooner or later we will be called upon to face similar crises in the future.

And we must be prepared and exude this sense of security and confidence, which will make citizens regain their trust in the state as a whole. With these words, I would like to thank you again for what you have done. ”

Immediately after the presentation of Mr. Hardalias, the Prime Minister stressed:

“Thank you very much. Everything you told us is extremely interesting. I was thinking that in the government’s program statements, nine months ago, I had made a commitment that the country would soon have a model of Civil Protection. Of course, having, as a country, traumatic experiences of natural disasters that cost the lives of many of our fellow citizens. And of course the coroner forced us to get into the accelerator and things we might do in months to do in weeks and things we would do in weeks to do in days or hours.

But I find that there is human resources, know-how, and with the right support we will soon be able to achieve that goal. And I look forward to having the opportunity to inaugurate the new Civil Protection building, which is already being prepared and which will be a model building where all the people will gather and all the information needed to manage them. any kind of crisis.

We identified political protection in our consciousness with natural disasters, with fires, with earthquakes, with floods. Obviously this is a very important part of the job of Civil Protection, we must not forget it, because in front of us we have a firefighting period, for which I know that – at the same time with the work you do in the coronation – you are preparing.

But we found that we have other threats. There are also invisible enemies who can be extremely dangerous and who require another degree of preparation and another degree of readiness. I would like to thank again in your person and in the face of all your worthy associates again every member of the Civil Protection, all the officers of the Police, the Armed Forces, the Fire Brigade, who assist in this interoperable body that allows us all to feel safe.

Security is a precondition for prosperity, democracy, freedom, and the protection of human life and the health of its citizens is the primary responsibility of the state. A very heavy burden of this work has fallen on you. You have the thanks and gratitude of the whole Greek society and I believe that this should give you, to all the executives of the Civil Protection, a great satisfaction to continue with even greater intensity, with even greater enthusiasm, the excellent work you do.

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