Feedback from the recent Athletics meeting in the new Argostoli stadium

On Saturday, May 11, 2019, at the Municipal Stadium of Argostoli “Andreas Vergotis” took place the International Games of Vergotia 2019 , with the participation of great Greek and foreign athletes. It was admittedly the most successful Vergoteia, both on the racing and the organizational side.

In total, 120 participants from Ukraine, Belarus, Cyprus and many regions of Greece and more than 180 young athletes from Kefalonia took part in the children’s competitions that preceded them.

Stood out with performances held in the long jump, the Miltos Tentoglou of GM Kifissia (8.10m, 1 the performance in Europe in 2019) and Paraskevi Papachristou of AO Callistus (6.59m, 4 the performance in Europe for 2019). Also, the athletes from Ukraine Alexey Posdickov (47.70sec at 400m) and Anna Krasoutska (6.24m in length), as well as the athlete of A.O. Corfu Panagiota Dossi, who passed 1.83m in the jump in height and near to has knocked down the Panhellenic record under the age of 18 with the great Nike Bakoyannis.

(Women and men, 100m of men and women, 200m of women and 400m of men) and three records of Kefallinias (Solidakis at 80m, Alyssandratos at 150m and Koletsis in length).

Before the start of the events, Athletes Voula Papachristou, Miltos Tentoglou and Dimitris Tsiamis and the coach, Mr. Giorgi Pomashki , were awarded the medals they brought to Greece at the European Athletics Championships in August 2018.

The Games were honored with the presence of the MP of Cephalonia, Mr. Aphrodite Theoptetatou, the President of the Georgios and Maris Foundation, Mr Gerasimos Vergoti, the President of the Georgios and Maris Foundation, the Mayor of Kefalonia, Mr Alexandros Parissis, the President of the Hellenic Anti-Corruption Directorate Mr. Spyros Galiatsatos , the President of KEDI.EK, Mr. Angelos Konstantakis,Regional and Municipal Councilors and many fans of the island.

SEGAS was represented by the national coach of the K18 category, Apostolopoulos Apostolos.

The matches were covered by TV and by many local media and journalists.

The Gymnastics Society of Kefallinia would like to thank all those who helped in this year’s BERGOTIA:

The co-organizers, the Ionian Islands Region and the Regional Unity of Kefalonia, the Union of Municipalities of the Ionian Islands, the Municipality of Kefalonia and KED.D.KE, the Georgiou and Maris Vergoti Foundation, SEGAS and the Ministry of Sports.

Sponsors of the AB FoodMarket, SkyExpress, T OOOTAFlamiatos, M editerranee Hotel , Kefalonia Fish Farms, Café Ristretto, IonionP. Lines, Bosonisflowers , inkefaloniaradio , Krimmy car rentals and KissFM.

The Technical Adviser of SEGAS Mr. Dimitris Orfanopoulos and the Association of Athletics Judges in the Northern Peloponnese for the assistance in the organization.

All the volunteers and volunteers of the race who gave their best, the physician of the games Mr. Psarra Athanasios , the physiotherapist Mr. Vartelatos Gerasimos , DJ Achilleas Thomato , our mascot Spiderman. Stage Officer Angelos Neofytos , as well as all those who worked to prepare the installation.

We warmly thank ERT and all the journalists who covered and raised Vergoteia and of course all those who were found in the stands of the Stadium of Argostoli, young and old, and with their applause they helped the effort of all athletes.

For the end, we have thanked a lot for the children and their parents who support us in every effort, in the struggles and in the daily workouts!

The Board of Directors and the Coaches of Cephalonia

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