Feedback from Travlos Stavros, Vice-Mayor of Kefalonia & Ithaca Regarding next steps after yesterdays flooding in Agia Efimia Region

Following the phenomena presented in the area of Aghia Efimia, a meeting was held in the regional unity unit, among others, the Deputy Mayor, Mayor of Cephalonia, regional consultants and service agents.

Common place of all is the the need to proceed immediately.

Our proposal to draw up a study concerning the whole valley . In order to take into account all natural and non-natural factors affecting the region and to propose appropriate interventions for the settlement of flood water.

Not to ignore the fact that an integrated proposal to deal with the problem is extremely long, it is essential that there is a need for more detailed interventions to protect the region. For this reason, the relevant services of regional unity are progressing directly to the preparation of a study and the implementation of the interventions in the main streams of the region.

I consider it my obligation to stress that our services have once again responded directly to the exceptional event, while having done the cleaning of the area’s of, reduced to the maximum possible adverse effects of intense weather.

Source -FB post of Travlos Stavros


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