Feedback on issues Raised at Lourdas village meeting held on 3rd November

This not-so-optimistic prediction was expressed at the end of the discussion by Lourdata local community president Costas Galiatsatos , at his first meeting with the villagers, who responded to his call to discuss the village’s problems.

Costas Galiatsatos: “One or two of the existing problems, resolved will be a success.”

Specifically, on Sunday, November 3, 2019 in the Elementary School, the president of the Lourdata community, Costas Galiatsatos, called on his fellow citizens to discuss the problems and priorities that must be put in place so that he can put them in primary school. in the hope that they will be on track.

These issues were put in the order of priority, but this order was not binding.

The first top issue to be resolved is that of Lourdata Beach, which is a attraction not only for foreign guests in local accommodation, but also for the whole of Kefalonia. The beach and the beautiful natural environment of the village are the “flagship” attraction of the only product we have, that of tourism which is also the heavy industry of our country.

The problems that need to be resolved and rebuilt, Kostas Galiatsatos said, are:

Lourdata beach

a) The traffic on the beach during the summer months reaches traffic congestion with vehicles parked on both sides of the narrow road at all times.

b) Lighting of the beach and the village, especially in places where it is completely missing (bridge and other places), where tourists are forced to use lenses to move around. “. .. some English girls, the other day, were shouting for help because they didn’t see anything. If an accident happens do you imagine defaming the village? ”Charalambos Galiatsatos asked, intervening in the debate.

c) Pavement , almost all the streets of the village are missing, except for one part of the road leading to the beach. Here, it should be noted that the lack of pedestrians and increased traffic on the main road that crosses the village and leads to the beach by vehicles, often defying pedestrians and running at high speeds, and distressed tourists trying to move in Roadside, it is a matter of time for an accident with unforeseen consequences on the tourism of the village.

d) Infrastructure, the Blue Flag’s possession of the beach, apart from the clean sea, also requires infrastructures such as: Public toilets, shipwreck, disabled ramp, changing rooms and other facilities, unless otherwise checked by the competent FEE body and missing something , will remove it and will be a blow to the tourist product of the village.

e) Restoration – landscaping, with benches at the edge of the road, flower beds, so that tourists can enjoy the beautiful nature with gardens and Aenos on one side and the endless blue Ionian Sea on the other. But I see it a bit pale …

Renovation – landscaping of the central square of Lourdata and elementary school.

Here, the president emphasized that some interventions should be made in the square next to the school, with the existing kiosk nearing collapse, the playground in the school surroundings and the landscaping in general with the demolition of old toilets, lighting. and other interventions.

At this point should be added the other square of the village, with the iconic plane tree and the fountain which is a attraction for all tourists. It should not be forgotten that its landscaping with plane tree and tap lighting should not be forgotten, and at this point, there is a sign prohibiting parking, but who counts it …

Fire fighting

For the fire brigade Mr. Galiatsatos referred to the need to repair or replace fire hydrants and to purchase special fire hoses so that they can be used in case of emergency until the fire brigade arrives.

Unfortunately, in the last three years we have had two big fires that were a bit lacking to burn the whole village, some houses were burned on the outskirts of the village.

Writer question. Is there a plan to evacuate the village in case of fire by the competent authorities, or we will become an “eye”, given that during the summer months the village is flooded with guests and non-existent roads, off the main road leading to the beach anyway Close-up of two crossed cars. We must also consider seriously the option of volunteering on the issue of fire fighting by setting up a specially trained Village Fire Brigade that will intervene immediately and assist the Fire Service in the event of a fire.


The main problem, especially in the summer months, is the cleanliness of the village and beach, with the timely emptying of waste bins, the lack of recycling bins resulting in recyclables falling into the trash, or some leaving trash bags on the beach, There are buckets in there, but right, there are places of health care but no one else goes there to dump their garbage. The Municipal Authority must therefore show that the problem can be resolved without reaching the point where people cross and close their nostrils.

A key issue that needs to be addressed immediately in the new season is the placement of stylish small trash cans on the beach to eliminate the trash phenomenon in the gardens and on the roadside.

All of the above requires constant cleaning of the roads and timely emptying of the buckets, especially small trash on the beach two or three times a day.

Repair or asphalting of roads, dirt roads inside and outside the village, such as Lagada, Kontoulia etc. “… The road must be repaired in front of the sliding church, but also in Abyssos, Milos,” said Galiatsatos.

Street naming

All roads in Lourdata are called … no name. Well again we are few and the postman knows us, but for others … they go asking the public. So there is a need to name the roads so that the rest of us can get outside the local postman.

The first meeting – discussion of the new village president Costas Galiatsatos, is considered satisfactory and promising as they will be “placed on the table” in the City Council in the hope that something will happen, or we will be left with the words and … one ear will get in and out of the other …

” One to two of the existing problems, not resolving them, getting in the way of realization, will be a success, ” Mr Galiatsatos said, conveying a message of cautious optimism.


Liberios Petrides

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