Finally after months of waiting a Jet2 plane arrived in Kefalonia today

This morning the first Jet2  flight of the season arrived in Kefalonia, reportedly locally as only half full!

A destination whose covid figures have been “green rated” statistically all season but sadly due to political decisions the initial flight of the operator has been delayed over 10 weeks.

Unfortunately between Greek covid figures and UK chosen variation analysis be it the Δ or now an emerging Β threat (although its been around longer than Delta unless the Greek alphabet has changed !) who knows how long the schedule and frequency will be of Jet2 to Kefalonia this Summer.

We totally understand “it feels like the sword of Damocles is over your head” but hope those who can take the clear risk and fly to Kefalonia this season can and will do so, the islands businesses are screaming out for trade.


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