Fined EUR 100 for Smoking in Hospital

A fine will be paid by a worker who was found to be smoking and failing to comply with the anti-smoking law at the Special Infections Unit of the General Hospital in Attica.

The fine was imposed by Public Health Inspectors of the Department of Health and Environmental Control of the Attica Region, following an on -the-spot check at the hospital .

According to what the reports from say, the employee was arrested for smoking in the Infections Unit.

There have been precedents of complaints recently seen by the activist of the online advocacy group Andreas Bardakis.

“At the time of the investigation it was found that a female employee was smoking in an office of the Secretariat for Infectious Diseases and was ordered to pay a fine of one hundred (100) euros under Act No. 197. The Head of the Infectious Diseases Unit was absent due to regular leave, as the employees told us.

The inspectors’ findings also state that sanctions will also be imposed on health care providers when non-smoking law is not complied with .

What are the fines?
In particular, ‘for the enclosed spaces of hospitals and health care providers, a fine of one hundred euros shall be imposed on each offender. Fines are also imposed on Unit Managers of EUR 500 for each infringement in the following cases:

-To accept or not intervene by the Officer,
-No recommendations to the offenders
-No measures to prevent infringements
-Non posting of the mark
-Non response of the person responsible for committing the offense
-Non call of competent bodies
-No cooperation with those in charge of the audit.

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