Fines in municipalities that do not promote recycling

Signed by Interior Minister Alexis Charitsis and Deputy Minister of the Environment and Energy Socrates Femmelos, the Joint Ministerial Decision published in the  Government Gazette,  which sets out the method for measuring the administrative fines imposed on the first-tier Local Authorities, who are not fulfill the obligations for alternative management and separate collection of municipal waste. 
The infringements are differentiated according to their severity and on the basis of the choice of each local authority to organize the recycling of municipal waste in cooperation with an Alternative Management System or independently so that the Municipality assumes more responsibilities.The method includes a grading for local authorities that have begun designing and / or implementing separate collection works, even to a lesser extent than foreseen in their local plans, and the burden on local authorities that do not take any action to design, implement and implement separate waste streams.

The adoption of the Joint Ministerial Decision is foreseen in the law on the upgrading of recycling (Law 4496/2017) and is in line with the new institutional framework clarifying the responsibilities of Municipalities and Solid Waste Management Institutions (Law 4555/2018) and strengthens the role of the local government according to its standing request.


The JMC specifies the specific measurement of the fines to be applied in the case of violations by TABs, taking into account additional criteria in relation to the violations of the other obligated Bodies, related in particular to demographic, geomorphological, administrative, economic, social and environmental characteristics of the Municipalities, following the new categorization of the Municipalities according to “CLOSED”.

In addition to these criteria, the determination of the severity of penalties also defines other parameters such as compliance following the finding of an infringement or, on the contrary, the repetition of the infringement, the degree of fault and the duration of the infringement.

Lastly, the administrative fine imposed may not exceed 7% of the Municipality’s annual revenue from the single cleaning and lighting fee for the last year of the breach.

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