Fire: All-night battle in Ancient Olympia, Northern Evia and Messinia

The inhabitants of Evia , Ancient Olympia and Messinia lived a night of agony , with the firefighters fighting an unequal battle with the flames, in order to reduce the big fires that broke out and burned everything in their path. On all three fronts, during the night, the fire brigade was strengthened , while with the first light of day, the air means started their operations again .

“Battle” in Northern Evia

The constant fires near settlements (Chronia, Rovies) characterize the state of the fire in Evia, which has been raging since noon on Tuesday, August 3rd. The fires took place throughout the night, in Chronia, Rovies, Paleochori and Kalamoudi, while last night and this morning there were continuous evacuations of areas.

The latter concerns the village of Kechries in the Municipality of Elymnia, Mantoudi-Agia Anna. The evacuation started at 7:30 in the morning as the fire is now moving threateningly with speed towards the village. The police decided to proceed with the evacuation of the residents.

According to the mayor George Tsapourniotis, the settlements of Amelantes and Kerameia were evacuated at dawn, located north of the front of Drymonas, Saint Osios David and the defense zone in the village of Kourkouloi, where yesterday a battle was fought to prevent the village from advancing. .

During the night the fire was in remission, but from 3:00 the winds intensified and began to approach the houses of the village Amelantes. By midnight, however, the fire brigade was reinforced by others coming from the Varybobi front.

According to the first data, even this morning the aircraft find it difficult to work over the fires as the visibility is limited due to the dense smoke.

In Rovies, the situation is difficult, as more than 100 buildings have been damaged, while north of the road leading from the Lake to Edipsos there are houses and business facilities that are in danger. 90 residents and tourists were evacuated from the area by private boats, port boats, boats and ferries.

At Ancient Olympia – The archaeological site has been saved

In Ancient Olympia, in particular, overnight firefighters fought a titanic battle to keep the fiery front away from the archeological site, museum and facilities of the International Olympic Academy. At midnight, the flames were reportedly found 500 meters from the museum but did not spread thanks to the coordinated efforts of the fire brigade. During the night, fire zones were created in the area, while now the forces have been ordered to prevent the fire from approaching the archaeological site again.

In addition to the fire brigade, the battle involved local government vehicles, which were constantly opening fire zones around Ancient Olympia, while an unexpected ally of the fire brigade was the wind drop that prevailed throughout the night.

The air support has restarted this morning
In the meantime, with the first light of day, 5 aerial vehicles started operating in Ancient Olympia, giving, together with the strong ground firefighting forces, the battle to prevent the fire from reaching the archeological site, the museum and the facilities of the International Olympic Academy.

In particular, according to the Fire Department, two firefighting planes and three helicopters are dropping water in the area, while the ground forces consist of 174 firefighters with 52 vehicles and nine groups of pedestrians, as well as the group of unmanned aircraft systems.

The mobile business center “Olympus” is also located in the area.

Also, the work of the fire brigade is assisted by volunteer firefighters, water tankers and work equipment of the local government.

According to information, at this time the winds have stopped and are heading towards the Lalla area, burning a forest area.

At the same time, always according to the Fire Brigade, the residents of Lanzhou and Linaria communities have already been informed, in order to be ready, if there is a need for urgent evacuation of the citizens in these areas.

A total of 8 settlements have been evacuated in Ilia. It is recalled that the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias, stressed in an emergency briefing that yesterday at noon, almost simultaneously, 7 fires broke out in Ilia, of which 4 in areas of Ancient Olympia.

The situation is also difficult in Messinia

The situation in Messinia is also difficult. According to the deputy regional governor Stathis Anastasopoulos who spoke to APE-MPE, “the main front of the fire is on a slope and continues to burn, while according to the first data, a house in the Monastiraki area has been damaged”. “The positive thing is”, continued the deputy regional governor, “that there are no strong winds in the area”.

As for the fire brigade operating, they consist of 28 firefighters with 11 vehicles and a group of pedestrians.

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