Fire Brigade: In red for fire eight areas of Greece today and winds up to Beaufort 9 (50mph)

The fire brigade has been put on alert for Saturday 14 September as there is a high risk of fire in many parts of the country .

According to the forecast map issued by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection in high risk areas for fire , Attica is also located (risk category 4) .

Specifically for Saturday, September 14 in risk category 4 , the following regions are: Attica (including Kythira), Peloponnese, Central Greece, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (Evros, Samothraki), Thessaly (Sporades), Voreiou, Voi Cyclades) and Crete.

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection has informed the relevant state authorities, as well as the regions and municipalities of the areas concerned , that they are on high alert for civil protection to respond immediately to any fire incidents .

At the same time, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection recommends that citizens be extremely careful and avoid actions in the countryside that can cause fire by negligence , such as the burning of dry grass and branches or debris , the use of sparks- like machinery, welding, the use of outdoor barbecues , bee smoking , throwing lit cigarettes , etc. It is also recalled that during the fire season the burning of the fields is prohibited .

In the event of a fire , citizens are urged to notify the Fire Service at 199 .

The danger of a fire is heightened even more by the strong winds that will sweep the territory on Saturday and which in many places will even reach nine beaufortes, according to the Athens National Observatory’s meteo weather service .

Weather – meteo: It will pick us up and pick us up on Saturday! Stormy winds that will reach 9 beaufort!

Heavy winds that will reach even the nine snowstorms, falling temperatures and local rains are the weather on Saturday 14/09 according to the meteo .

Rain in the north and east in the early hours of the morning and strong north winds will be expected in Attica tomorrow . Temperatures will range from 20 to 28 degrees, but in the north and east the maximum will be one to two degrees lower. The winds will blow from strong north winds to near stormy 6-7 beaufort and east windy 8 beaufort and temporarily in the early hours of the south Euboea very windy 9 beaufort , with fading after noon.

Sunshine is expected in Thessaloniki . The temperature will range from 17 to 31 degrees Celsius . Winds in Thermaikos will blow from northwestern directions moderate 4-5 beaufort, with weakening rapidly.

A little cloudy sunshine to the east, increased in northern Crete where there is a chance of local rains in the morning , as well as stormy north Aegean winds , are expected on Saturday, September 14th, according to the meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens .

The temperature will range from 16-33 degrees in Northern Greece , 19-29 degrees in Central and Southern Greece , 16-33 degrees in western Greece , 20-26 degrees in the Cyclades and Crete , 19-29 degrees in the islands of A. east of the Aegean and up to 32 degrees in the Dodecanese .

The winds will blow from northern directions in the North Sea moderate to strong 5-6 Beaufort , at rest Sea near gale to gale force 7-8 Beaufort and in the morning in the central Aegean and South Aegean very windy 9 Beaufort with little attenuation then . At Sea will blow from northeast directions moderate 5.4 Beaufort after noon from northwest directions measure 5 Beaufort and topically potent 6 Beaufort according to meteo.


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