Among other things he said:

  • The service must develop patrolling, develop its forces, prepare its hiker, have its machinery ready and ready to protect the island’s forest richness.
  • Especially in the area of ​​Kefalonia, volunteers are very organized. There are 6 volunteer groups. Their role is catalytic. I would dare to say that they are another service for the island. We have obtained communication code and we have a very good cooperation relationship.
  • The fire stations on the island are located in Argostoli, where it is the parent service, while there are leaps and bounds in Lixouri, Sami and Ithaca. But everything is administratively and operational in central Argostoli.
  • Vehicles are old and tired. There are no garage sheds to protect against weather conditions. I wish we could get more. And here is a serious issue in dealing with fires, due to access to our island. We do not have reinforcement from firefighting vehicles earlier than 5 hours. Recruitment of seasonal staff from 1 May to 30 October. Approximately 30 people are hired each year. This year this number will increase by 20, due to our needs.
  • It is not easy to make firebreaks in Kefalonia with the rocky terrain and the steep slopes that the island has. There is nothing else to do in nature, especially with the morphology of the land of Kefalonia. The Forestry Office is responsible for forest management and forest clearing to keep the points clean.
  • 43% of the fires are due to negligence. 20% of the fires are due to accidentally apparent PPC cables, lightning strikes, and 32% to intentional arson. 
  • Elementary protection measures must be taken by citizens such as, for example, in combustion and housework. Those who burn crops and lumber residues should take care to do so in clean areas and have enough water beside them and of course not to have to much wind blowing. 
  • Protect their home from exposed wood, clean their land as well as ensure that there are no flammable materials around the house, plastics and other flammable materials
  • Simple things, that if done, half the fires can be reduced. 
  • Citizens should help the service and notify it to the first smoke they will see.

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