Fire in Evia Work of arsonists the catastrophic fire?

Arson is the devastating fire that burns down Evia, according to information cited by the television station Open. According to the report from the first moments of the fire apart from the fire brigades, he went to Euboea and a special fire brigade crime scene.

All the information that the firefighters had from the beginning spoke of a potential arson. But there are now concrete indications and information that the fire in Euboea started by the human hand.

According to an Open report, it all started a few minutes after 3 am on Tuesday, when one, maybe two people were traveling by car between the villages of Stavros and Makrymalli in central Euboea. At 3.15 he stopped the car on the country road, got out of the car and walked 50 meters into the forest. There he set the first fire.However, he did not stop there, returned to the car and continued his journey for 100 meters and stopped again. He again walked fifty meters into the forest and put the second fireplace.

However, his destructive work did not stop there and, following the same tactic, he lit the third and final fire 100 meters below. From there disappears the arsonist (s) with the authorities now looking for him or her.

From the investigation into the places where the fires came from the hand of the arsonist, no findings have been found, namely the gas or the bottle with flammable material and they believe that the person who set the fire on it either with a lighter, a match, or somebody lint, but they are still investigating if anything is found.

Fire in Evia! What the first elements say

A human hand set fire to Euboea, according to authorities’ investigations. It all started a few minutes after dawn on Tuesday, when one and two people could begin their disastrous work, moving between the villages of Stavros and Makrymalli. They stopped and moved into the woods, according to Marinos Aliferis’s exclusive report in the Open TV central newsletter.

They then returned to the car and continued for about 200 meters. They put the second fireplace and after a while they put the third fireplace.

They then disappeared from the area. No findings have been found and they believe that the fire department put it in such a way as not to leave traces.


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