Fire in Porto Rafti (popular stay-over spot when using Athens airport) : All-night battle with flames

Fire forces were strengthened for precautionary reasons as the fire was severely  curtailed. EL.AS informed the residents by the loudspeakers. Some have already left their homes.

The fire that broke out after 11pm in the area with low vegetation and holm trees in the Chamolia area of ​​Porto Rafti, near the castle and within walking distance of residences, is still in progress.

The site has been heavily mobilized due to strong winds in the area and a command has been ordered from the first moment, patrolling ELAS. to alert residents of the loudspeakers to the fire so they are ready. Some of the closer homes have already been voluntarily removed, and no organized evacuation orders have been required.

Gepostet von Giannis Aidiniotis am Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2019

The Fire Brigade further strengthened the forces operating at the site, reaching a total of more than 80 firefighters with 31 vehicles, two groups of hikers, the motor vehicle division (MTC) and voluntary fire engines.

According to Fire officials, the latest aid has been sent more for precautionary reasons because of the night, as the forces operating at the site have already been able to significantly reduce the extent of the fire front and reduce the danger to homes.

Of course, extinguishing efforts are expected to last throughout the night until they are completely delimited.

In addition, the strong winds that blow to the spot, although the fire has come very close to homes and plots are turning it against them, heading towards Chamolia.

However, the timing of the fire in the area, especially in today’s weather, certainly raises questions and suspicions.



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