Fire Planes Just Arrived for the Season

The fire planes have arrived this  morning on the island, just flew over Simotata heading for the airport, lets hope they have a quiet season.

Further information on deployment of planes this season

From 1 May 2019 the fire-age began, which will be completed on October 31, 2019.

According to the annual fire-fighting planning of the Firefighting Corps (CP), the Air Force firefighting aircraft will be relocated to the following airports:

CL-415:112 Combat Wing/Elefsinas air Base

CL-215:117 Combat Wing/Andravida air Base

PZL: 120 PEO/Kalamata Air Base

124 PVE/Tripoli Air Base

Lamia Airport

FOB Aktion

Chrysoupoli Air Detachment

Corfu Airport

Mytilene Airport

Kefalonia Airport

The dispersal of forces began on Wednesday 5 and will be completed on Monday, June 10, 2019 and took account of the following:

Coverage of the entire Greek area
Aircraft performance
Installation by CP of helicopter rentals
The arrangement of aircraft may change due to:

Weather conditions at the airport that operate
Necessity of a fire front
The operational control and availability of air forces is done by the CP.

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