Fires: The new strategy for this years fire period and link to pictures from a forest fire exercise near Trapezaki Beach last weekend

A large meeting was held at the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection in view of this year’s fire season under Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis . 

The Prime Minister was briefed on the preparations and actions taken as a whole with extensive preventive clean-ups and removal of accumulated biomass fuel from sensitive forest ecosystems and the significant increase of ground and air surveillance of dangerous areas, with the aim of preventing announcement of a possible fire.

It is noted that this year the ground surveillance will increase significantly with the participation of the Armed Forces, especially in the most dangerous areas while the patrols are transformed into purely military, releasing forces of the Fire Brigade and the Greek Police. At the same time, the air patrols will be increased by loaded single-engine Air Tractor and PZL type aircraft on days with a fire risk index of 4 or 5, with the aim of timely fire announcement and immediate first attack. It is underlined that the air means have been significantly strengthened while a more specialized targeting has been made. Alongside,

Significant support for the Fire Brigade

The Fire Brigade is reinforced with 500 Forest Enterprise Firefighters, who will staff the Special Forest Enterprise Units (EMODE). The total strength of EMODE reaches 590 executives including the 90 specially trained Firefighters. In addition, for the first time this year, our country will host in advance firefighters from six European countries, with the aim of their immediate operational readiness without wasting time for the transfer of forces and the exchange of know-how in the fight against forest fires. The project is funded by the European Commission and will host firefighters from Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, France, Finland, and Norway. The units will be pre-installed in Athens, Larissa and Tripoli.

The cooperation with the Local Government is also upgraded, with the aim of Municipalities and Regions to acquire a key role in the prevention of forest fires. For this purpose, visits are made by the political leadership of the Ministries of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection and Environment and Energy in high risk areas, with the participation of local fire and forestry services as well as Local Government officials. In addition, after institutional intervention, the Municipalities have the opportunity to immediately carry out cleaning of land in case of negligence of the owner or unknown owner.
In the same context, for the first time, civil protection exercises are designed and implemented with emphasis on organized evacuation in high risk areas with high tourist traffic but also in archaeological sites.

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Last weekend in Kefalonia a forest fire practice exercise was carried out in the Trapezaki pine forest just above the beach, pictures here



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