First look at Kefalonia weather during the expected Winter storms arriving in Greece later this week

Based on some first data and regarding the period 21-25 January, the following course is formed for the weather which is a trend and not a forecast as we still have several days ahead to have a more accurate picture:
Rain and possible thunderstorms with winds from southwest directions.
Rain and snow in the mountain sections which are likely to descend at lower altitudes.
Wind reinforcement from northwestern directions transferring very cold air masses with consistency that the temperature drops significantly.
Sunny with very low temperatures and weak winds.
The above is a general picture formed with the available data and it is certain that there will be several changes to the final picture which will be more accurate and we will have during Thursday.
There will be a constant update on the weather development on our island between 21-25 January.
*We will also notice a rapid drop of mercury Wednesday-Thursday, however, as we predicted the southwest winds will raise temperatures for a while which will make a striking drop over the weekend.
Source – Kefalonia Weather

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